The company serves its customers at every project phase, from strategy formulation through project management and implementation right through to support and upgrades. We are committed to best practices and professional integrity to ensure we deliver quality. Customer satisfaction drives every aspect of their commercial contractor business. These time-honored qualities are incorporated into every project built by Mahalakshmi Constructions.


Villa Design & Build Package

Design-Build construction is one of contracting method that is gaining popularity, as it can provide significant cost and time savings for owners. Whereas the traditional Design-Bid-Build process separates design and construction, Design-Build provides a single point of responsibility for an entire project.

WHAT WE DO: Instead of the owner contracting separately with the architect and the contractor, Design-Build typically ties the architect contractually to the contractor. The contractor then enters into a Design-Build contract with the owner. The owner now has to deal with one entity, the Design-Build team, and not each one separately.

HOW WE DO IT: Here’s how it works at Mahalakshmi Constructions: we select an architect for a specific project and place them under contract as part of our design-build team. We then work with the owner to plan, design and construct the project to meet the specific goals, constraints and demands of the project.

THE BENEFITS: Design-Build enhances the opportunity for improved coordination between the designers and constructors, more efficient and constructible designs, economies of time and cost and a potentially greater overall team approach.

Building Construction

Constructing a building of any significant size is a complex endeavor, requiring the combined efforts of countless participants and the coordination of myriad tasks. Managing this process requires an in-depth understanding of the work required, of the ways in which different aspects of the work depend upon each other, and of the constraints on the sequence in which the work must be performed.

The construction modules we offer are:

  • IRC - Items Rate Contracts
  • ARC - Area Rate Contract
  • FLSC - Fixed Lump Sum Contracts
  • DBP - Design & Build Projects

Civil Project Management

The Project Management Consultancy has a wide variety of roles to play during the construction process. Construction project gives benefits to the Customer / Client in terms of satisfaction and it consists of business development, profit, resources utilization, etc. Project is a Temporary endeavor with a specific beginning and end and creates a unique product, service or result. Project management is the art of directing and coordinating workmen and material resources throughout the duration of a project by using modem management techniques to achieve pre-determined objectives of scope, cost, time, quality and participation satisfaction.


  • Pre-construction stage:
    • Analyze Client’s project related requirements.
    • Prepare the Design Brief in terms of function ability, cost, time, quality and safety.
    • Co-ordination and follow-up with Architect and other design consultants for their inputs.
    • To identify and suggest consultants/designers for specialized requirements.
    • Conducting Pre-bid meetings and feedback for completeness of tender specifications and technical parameters.
  • Construction stage:
    • Full time supervision of all construction works / activities for the project.
    • On-site co-ordination and issue of drawings.
    • Monitoring the progress of work with the construction schedule.
    • Establish EHS plan & Quality assurance and control to ensure conformance to drawings and specifications.
    • Collect, review and maintain all the records of contractors’ daily progress reports.
  • Post-Construction stage:
    • Provide assistance in Testing and commissioning of the facility.
    • Reconciliation and Certification of Final bills of contractors, suppliers, vendors and consultants.
    • Preparation of project close-out report including learning.



we have developed a culture that promotes an injury-free environment and provides the safest workplace possible for our employees, subcontractors, clients and others who enter or who near our construction sites.


Our Approach to Quality

The Civil Quality Assurance group ensures that the project quality activities are planned and implemented in accordance with our Quality Policy, in all deliverables.



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